Seminar offers at La Saulaie Hotel

New Activity TROGLO LASER!

Posted on 06 March 2018, in News, Hotel

Seminar offers at La Saulaie Hotel

The Saumur Forest Adventures Park

proposes a new concept:

the Laser Game in cellars!



Some good reasons to test it:

- Activity possible all year round by reservation

- The original setting: Wineries Veuve Amiot (home of fine bubbles), 

- A moment of letting go: 45 min of play approximately

- Glass of friendship at the end of activity to strengthen the group's cohesion

- You can choose the formula "Troglo-Laser Heritage" for a visit of the place after the session.

- Located less than 20 min from the hotel

- Residential seminar package at the hotel La Saulaie + Troglo-Laser Heritage = contact our team at for more information and to quote.

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