Looking for a restaurant ?!

The Cathedrals of Saulaie

Posted on 23 February 2018, in News, Tourism

Looking for a restaurant ?!

A romantic dinner, a meal with friends or a family lunch:

Let yourself be surprised by THE local specialty: the fouée! Hollow bun to garnish with Galipettes (large stuffed Paris mushrooms), rillettes, salted butter, beans, goat cheese and other accompaniments ...


Situated at 1km from the hotel La Saulaie ***you can go to the restaurant "The Cathedrals of Saulaie" walk or by car.


Follow the path that descends into these buried cathedrals and settle down near the bread oven. Unusual setting and warm atmosphere, this is a winning combination to spend a delicious moment!

Open Friday to Sunday noon until Easter,

then from Tuesday to Sunday noon until All Saints' Day.

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Hotel de la Saulaie in Doue-la-Fontaine, Saumur
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