Sculptures of Stone & Light

Travel in the Loire Valley

Posted on 21 February 2018, in News, Tourism

Sculptures of Stone & Light

In this season, all the tourist sites are not yet reopened to the public.

Here is one, or rather two, who welcome you every day between 10h and 18h.

Direction Saumur, around 15 minutes from La Saulaie hotel.

This is the site Pierre et Lumière and Mushroom Museum located less than 500 meters from each other.

Take the paths that go down to the underground quarries.

* In the mushroom farm, discover the culture of famous mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, but also less known mushrooms, such as shiitake and blue feet ...

* At Pierre et Lumière, dive into the world of monuments of the Loire Valley, in a reduced version. The Cathedral of Tours, the castles, the cities, carved in the tufa stone, by the artist Philippe CORMAND. Admire the precision of his works.




Opt for a DUO ticket which will allow you to visit these two places in reduced price.

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